Child Worker: Undertakes not to employ workers younger than 18 years old and to act in accordance with methods and principles of employing young workers within the framework of healthy development of children and respect for training rights.

Employment: It considers personnel's technical and professional knowledge as much important as their conformity to company rules and the company's social conformity conditions in employment in order to maintain continuation of ethical criteria in the company.

Raising Awareness in Employees and Prevention of Working without Social Security: The company believes that the foundation of social conformity lies with employees who have awareness and undertakes to inform its employees during employment and during certain periods regarding personal rights, company rules and working conditions, that the level of awareness will be increased and none of the employees will be employed without social security in accordance with national laws and regulations.

Working Hours: It undertakes to conform to applicable laws and directives during working hours and overtime periods owing to efficient working and respect for human rights.

Fees and Payments: It undertakes that, based on minimum fair living allowance with which employees may pay for their humanly living expenses, the wages will not fall below this level and that it will calculate and pay overtime fees at ratios stipulated by the laws.

Conformity to Laws and Other Obligations: It makes a point of observing the laws and directives in force and following the rules on international social responsibility together with the customers' business partnership rules.

Discrimination: Based on the idea that all employees have equal rights, it undertakes that there won't be any discrimination regarding employment, compensation, access to training or promotion, or any termination of employment or pensioning off based on race, social class, religion, national origin, gender or political relations.

Communication: Believing that success lies in good communication, the company undertakes to keep connections between the employees and their connections with the directors vivid the whole time and to conduct applications to ensure continuity of these relations.

Prevention of Harassment and Maltreatment: The Company undertakes to create an environment in which there is no verbal, physical or psychological abuse or forcing in order to ensure peace in the working environment and to make sure its employees work happily.

Forced and Compulsory Labor: The company undertakes there won't be any work that is rendered compulsory with a contract or is made as provision against debt, that work is voluntary based and that it won't carry out any illegal employment.

Supplier Management: Believing that suppliers have equal responsibility, the company undertakes to evaluate supplier companies' social conformity activities and to track the results with action plans.

Training: The Company aims to organize training inside or outside the company in order to increase the employees' occupational safety and health awareness and support their professional and personal development and to ensure constant development of the company via improvement of the employees with training.

Occupational Health and Safety: It considers people as the most valuable asset in all activities and considers creating safer and healthier working environment and minimizing any possible loss as the primary goal. Accordingly, it undertakes to organize training sessions to ensure all employees are aware of their personal obligations in this regard, to provide the necessary equipment for Occupational Health and Safety, to observe local laws, directives and conditions, to create a working environment where all employees can work in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety policy, to identify the risks that might arise from the activities of our organization and to reduce these risks to acceptable levels and to keep them under control.

Environmental Awareness: It aims to prevent environmental pollution and to reduce pollution at the source as well as to make sure its employees adopt the same understanding based on Environmental scale and impact assessment pursuant to the Environmental Regulations in force.

Ethical Working Manners: The Company undertakes to observe laws and standards that aim to prevent bribery/corruption in its relations with the clients, suppliers, employees and public organizations based on the principle of transparency and to make necessary risk analyses in this regard and raise awareness in all of its employees regarding "ethical behavior".