The company aims to become a global leading company contributing to the life of the society and its stakeholders, being sensitive to human health and environment under international standards, offering unique and good quality products to the consumer with advanced technology at accessible prices and whose performance is a model in the industry. The following items have been established in order to ensure continuation of this policy. To offer low cost, original and good quality products to the consumer using our high technology with the involvement of all of our employees; To ensure our products have superior international quality in the industry; To improve the system continuously according to changing customer expectations and to keep customer satisfaction at top level, Ensure capability and creativity of our employees as well as their training in line with our company's vision, mission and goals; Accomplish unit and company goals in team spirit; Offer a healthy and safe working environment to the persons working on behalf of the company and to maintain work safety; Use global resources efficiently and to ensure their protection; To control factors that cause pollution in the environment, reduce them and prevent them,


Our mission is to produce good quality footwear maintenance products in line with the world standards, offer these products to the consumer at accessible prices and to become a production and marketing company that contributes value to the consumer and to its stakeholders.


To become a company that conducts business on a global scale on footwear maintenance products, offer original and meaningful benefits to the consumer and to be a leading company that contributes "value" to the lives of the society and its stakeholders.