Information Security Policy


Operating on a global scale in the sales of footwear, leather and auto care products, ÇIĞIR KİMYA A.Ş., is a leader in the unique meaningful benefits it provides to consumers and adopts to be a company that adds "value" to the lives of society and its stakeholders, adopts information as one of the most valuable assets and takes all necessary measures to ensure information security.


In order to ensure the continuous development of our information security management system within our organization ÇIĞIR KİMYA is committed to:


Identify information assets and to assess,

Business impact of assets: by addressing issues such as the cost of replacing the asset, the confidentiality of the information, its impact on image, and the damage it may cause in terms of legal and legal obligations,

Likelihood of threats of assets: the multiplicity of vulnerabilities and the extent to which existing controls can close these vulnerabilities, attacker motivation, the attractiveness of the information to adversaries, gaps in access controls, and threats to the integrity of the information,

Identify and assess risks related to confidentiality, integrity and access to information,

Implement the necessary controls for all assets above the acceptable level,

Reducing the likelihood of an information security breach incident, and responding in a coordinated manner if one does occur,

To be able to prevent all kinds of interruptions that may interrupt business continuity, and to become operational again within the targeted recovery time in cases where it is not possible,

Measure the performance of information security processes,

To generate targets from this data,

To minimize our weaknesses and threats through investments in infrastructure, working environment, hardware, software and training,

To meet the security requirements of our business, our customers and legal requirements.