As Çığır Kimya A.Ş., our company makes a point of protecting the environment at every stage from production input to the use of our products with our sustainable development approach and environmental awareness and has adopted the responsibility of leaving a clean and livable world to future generations.

We undertake to meet not only National and International Environmental Regulations but also the expectations of our clients regarding the Environment,

To utilize environmentally friendly clean technologies in order to reduce all wastes at their source during our activities, prevent pollution, support preservation of biological diversity and to ensure disposal and recycling of wastes as stipulated by the law,

Identify the environmental factors and to keep them in mind while establishing the purposes and goals,

Use products that are compatible with the environment and to keep these criteria in mind while identifying the suppliers,

Attaching importance to efficiency and savings in using water, energy, raw materials, auxiliary products, etc. and natural resources and to constantly improve the same with the suggestions and contributions of our employees,

Use renewable energy to the extent possible and to keep our emissions, including greenhouse and other gas emissions below legal limits,

Share our Environmental Policy with all of our employees, clients and the society and to inform all of our employees, clients and suppliers regarding our environmental awareness and determination,

Try to reduce emergency risks,

Prevent environmental pollution and constantly improve our potential and performance in all fields pursuant to the above mentioned principles.

Our environmental policy will be announced to all of our employees and respective parties.  Çığır Kimya will revise the purposes and goals it established based on this policy annually.