At Çığır Kimya;


With this policy text, it is aimed to clearly and unambiguously reveal the approach to bribery and corruption and to protect the company's image. This policy, which is an integral part of our company's code of ethics, aims to provide the necessary information to prevent bribery and corruption in all community activities and to determine the responsibilities and rules in this regard.


Bribery: Refers to obtaining material or moral benefit from the other party in order to ensure that a person performs an action contrary to the requirements of his/her duty or outside the ordinary course of business, such as doing, not doing, speeding up or slowing down a work. Bribery can take many different forms such as cash, gifts, invitations or tickets to events, debt forgiveness, charitable donations. Since bribery is a legally punishable act in addition to business ethics, employees are expected to be sensitive to this issue and to consider it as a part of personal responsibilities independent of working life.

In case of bribery and corruption, the way to be followed is to notify the members of the disciplinary committee, the department head and/or Human Resources.


Çığır Kimya has adopted the principle of complying with the laws and regulations, universal rules of law, ethical and professional rules within the scope of bribery and corruption in which it operates. Our company undertakes to protect the confidentiality of the persons who report and to protect the person against all kinds of retaliation and not to be penalized.


Within the scope of this principle, our Group acts with a "zero tolerance" approach to bribery and corruption and is committed to continuing its activities in accordance with fair, honest, legal and ethical rules.


In this context, it is prohibited for individuals to offer payments or anything of value to obtain a legal and unethical benefit, even in favor of the community, or to obtain a similar benefit from other organizations and individuals, or to engage in any kind of illegal and unethical behavior that may be considered as bribery and corruption, even if such practices are common in the line of business in which they operate. It does not matter whether the financial value of the benefit subject to bribery and corruption or whether anything is done for the other party in return.


Çığır Kimya protects the legal rights of government agencies, suppliers, customers, employees and other stakeholders and accounting transactions are recorded in a complete, accurate and fair manner, and internal control systems are established to prevent unrecorded transactions.