Çığır Kimya was founded in 1992 to develop and produce shoe polish and leather care products under the brand name SILVER. Within a quarter of a century, BASKAR TEKNOLOJI has reached advanced levels of plastic mold, automation line and robot solutions under its own roof, and is a community that has uncovered distribution companies such as Bashar Russia, Bashar Ukraine, Bashar Iran, which are positioned as foreign subsidiaries. While our industrial history of Shoe Care and Maintenance is based on the beginning of the 20th century, our organization is still a "young" representative as a producer of 32 years.


Çığır Kimya which brings the SILVER brand to customers in 65 countries increases its presence in all the continents of the world. Brand awareness and quality production infrastructure that we have created in a short time; Product formulations, industrial designs, plastic molds, automation lines and quality control processes. Thanks to this know-how, the company is among the top 500 export companies in Turkey. Çığır Kimya stands out with its "innovative" vision in all its business lines. It holds many patented products and technologies belonging to it.
As a Turkish company, Çığır Kimya will continue to develop projects to fulfill its social and environmental responsibilities in the country and at the global level.




Like quality, social compliance and global brand programs. Our innovative understanding and desire for progress constitute the guarantee that we will continue to develop in all sectors we are in.


Çığır Kimya within the Integrated Management System carry on Design, development, production and sale of shoes, leather and car care products business.

Başarlar Hırdavat company includes export, foreign trade and customs activities of the products and all management organization activities related to these products. 



Our mission is to be a production and marketing company that produces quality shoe care products in world standards and provides these products to consumers at affordable prices and values its consumers and stakeholders.



Being a leading brand in shoe care products on a global scale




• Accuracy


Depending on ethical values, we are open and honest;



• Confidence


We trust and respect each other.



• Passion


We put our mind and soul in every job we do.



• Team work


We work together for our common goal.